Pinterest Novice – Terminology

Pinterest Novice - Terminology

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Hi, So the Pinterest Novice – Terminology and how important it is to understand and it will help you further understand and greatly improve your success with Pinterest for your business… So, let’s take a detailed look at some of the most important and frequently used terminology for the Pinterest novice. with part three of my ten-part blog series.

So like any of the mainstream social media platforms, Pinterest has its own set of terminology. And there are quite a lot of terms associated with the Pinterest platform that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with and understand before you get started.

Pinterest – Pins, Pinners and Pinning

The most commonly used pieces of the terminology you’ll come across on Pinterest are “Pins,” “Pinners” and “Pinning”. You will quickly discover that pins are everything on the Pinterest platform. They are images that you can click on to reveal the users content.

Pinners are basically users of the platform who post pins while pinning generally refers to adding a pin to your collection.

Pinterest – Pin It Button

The “Pin It” button is found on all pins on the platform. It is a button used on the website that users can click on to add a pin to their Pinterest boards. If you are going to be adding your own pins as a business, you’ll need to include the Pin It button on all of your posts.

Pinterest – Boards

On the platform, pins are saved on boards. You can choose either to create and name your own boards or use the suggested boards when saving a pin to the Pinterest platform. Most boards are set by default to be automatically public. However, you can also choose to create private boards that only you can see.

Pinterest – Promoted Pins

When you are a business user on Pinterest, you need to know about promoted pins. So these are the equivalent of Facebook’s paid advertising. You can also choose to promote your pins in order to generate a greater reach. Another great feature is having access and using the enhanced match function, giving you a more accurate match to your conversions.

Pinterest – Rich Pins

Another term to learn as a business user is “rich pins.” These will generally include extra metadata on the pin and there are four different types you can choose and create. Select from article, product, app or recipe rich pins.

Pinterest – Tags

Tags are a must if you want to measure the success of your pins, you’ll need to pay attention to the Pinterest Tag. This is a feature that enables you to see exactly what people do on your site after interacting with your promoted pins. and this will help you to see how effective and successful your promoted pins are, and you will also learn a lot of valuable information about your audience.

Pinterest Actalike Audience

Actalike Audience is one of the most useful features on Pinterest. It identifies users who might be interested in your brand or business based upon your existing audience. It will find new people you can market to by gathering data and behavioural information of Pinterest users.

Pinterest Tag Helper

This is a Google Chrome extension that can help you to make sure you have set up your tag correctly. This will make sure you are receiving the best results from your Pinterest pins. It also makes sure that the Enhanced match feature is using the right data for that tag.

These are some of the most important terminologies you need to know when setting up your business on Pinterest. It’s really important to familiarize yourself and understand the lingo if you want to successfully connect with your audience. The more you use the Pinterest platform, the quicker you’ll get to know all of its unique terms and processes.

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