Meet ED. Creator of,, and hopefully your guide to a successful online business within the arena of affiliate marketing and a life you’ve always thought possible, but have never taken action to make a reality…


As a young aspiring entrepreneur ed was always looking for his next big idea or a shiny new thing to enhance his knowledge base. From selling collectables on the playground to more exotic and expensive items, such as historical weaponry and memorabilia.

Ed’s realization and passion grew for what would become a long journey of failures and success whilst working in industries such as industrial security systems, property maintenance, hospitality management, and finally onto retail management, oh, and don’t forget about his stint in the territorial army.

Alongside Ed’s hard work and professional development within respected industries, he was also trying all manner of online push button businesses, MLM opportunities and god knows how many sure thing applications. Just to find out what he already knew deep down, but was unwilling to accept the fact that the game was rigged top to bottom and just set up to take people’s money with no chance of a financial return, and certainly not the makings of life long dream of time spent with loved ones and financial freedom.

Although very successful in those respected fields. Ed never truly felt fulfilled, valued for his time, or appreciated for the mundane daily slog he had to endure. Learning many skills along the way which he would continuously adapt and apply to his true passion and calling of entrepreneurship and ultimately working towards one day ending the twelve-hour days, working six to seven days a week. Making someone else’s dreams come to fruition.

That was until, one day by chance he happened to stumble across something and someone very different from everything that had come before, the real deal a mastermind in the digital marketing arena, and an authority in the top 10% that make it with online marketing business.

That person was Dean Holland and his internet profits business. With his vast knowledge and online marketing experience. Ed joined his ranks and through his guidance and mentoring. Finally felt that he had found a system, products, and mentoring. That not only worked for himself, but also for all the other people that have tried over the years to make it but instead ended up been scammed or ripped off.

This was truly a turning point in his journey and one that would finally help him to start to achieve the dreams of spending more time with his loved ones and securing his financial freedom.

He now spends his time committed to sharing with you the best money making ideas… strategies, tips, and tactics that will help you quickly, safely, and steadily build a job replacing income online.