The Perfect Offer “FREE! How To Get A Consistent Stream Of Cash-In-Hand Buyers For ANY Offer…

The Perfect Offer Masterclass

“FREE! How To Get A Consistent Stream Of Cash-In-Hand Buyers For ANY Offer… Even If Nobody’s Ever Heard Of You”

This masterclass alone is worth $1,000+ and let’s be honest, it’s not often someone who’s making millions online truly opens their entire business for you like I will on that session together.

You’ll see EXACTLY what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and how you can swipe and deploy everything into your business in less than 7 days So if you want more buyers for ANY offer so you can help more people and make more money in your online business Here’s What To Do Next…

Click HERE and tell me where to ship your copy

All you need to do is contribute towards the shipping and handling costs Which, just so you know… Due to the size of the package, to produce and ship inside of the USA costs me about $11 and international is about $19 All you have to contribute is $9.96 and I’ll take care of the rest.

You’re probably wondering what the catch is and why I’d do that when I lose money, I’d be thinking the same so let me answer that for you… There Is No Catch! Yes, I am going to lose between $1 – $10 depending on where you live to get this into your hands, and I’m OK with that for two reasons

Reason #1 – I am confident that when you get this you’re going to be blown away as it’s one of our best products and a strategy that will get you even better results. For that reason, I know that when you get this you’ll be so impressed that hopefully, you’ll be a fan of our work for many years to come. Which will lead to the second reason I’m willing to lose money upfront to get this to you…

Reason #2 – When you implement the Perfect Offer method into your business, it’s going to help you get more buyers than ever before and therefore help you make more money.

In my business, anytime someone shares something with me that helps me get better results, I typically buy more from them in future.

I’m holding out that you’ll be the same with me.


This will get you better results, help you to help more people and in turn make more money.

When you make more money, just know that we have some truly incredible products, programs and opportunities for you and I to work at a much more intimate level together in future to scale your business even further.

Sound fair? So, all you need to do is hit that button now and tell me where to ship your copy start, start black button, button Once you’ve done your side of the deal, I’ll have my team get it in the mail right away so it can be with you very soon But with that said, there is one thing to keep in mind…

Time Is Of The Essence I don’t like to have money just sat around in stock on a shelf, and these things aren’t cheap to produce We have to get the 4Gb USB stick, upload the training onto it, print the cover and put it all into a clear case for you.

It costs time and money, so I only had 1,000 produced You can get one for FREE now if you act fast…

Anyway – the point I’m making is this really is a limited time offer that could be removed at any moment with notice.

AND… I’m not done yet, there’s, even more, you’re getting!

Bonus #2 – The $38,873.06 Affiliate Recording

Discover How One Guy Used Perfect Offers To Make $38,873.06 (So Far), WITHOUT Even Creating Any Products Himself!

YES! Just for you I got on camera and interviewed one of our customers who as of writing this has made $38,873.06 in affiliate commissions using ONE Perfect Offer …

But, get this… He didn’t create any products or build any offers, and he didn’t even write and sales copy or pages! Not only will you hear what he did, but you’ll also discover HOW he’s doing it so you can jump in and do the exact same! Seriously, what’s it worth to get that information directly from someone who’s doing it?

It’s a lot, certainly more than the $9.96 shipping and handling contribution you’re making

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Today

The Perfect Offer Method [68 minute training]

The Perfect Offer Method [68 Minute Training]

You’ll discover how to get more buyers for ANY offer, whether it’s products you own OR products you want to promote as an affiliate. This is the key to how I and others have been making millions online and you’ll soon have it in your hands!

The Perfect offer Masterclass [2-3 hour online training]

The Perfect Offer Masterclass [2 – 3 Hour Online Training]

During this exclusive, customer only masterclass you’ll discover how to go from zero to $10,000+ per month WITHOUT creating any products…… AND how to do so even if you’re brand new and yet to make your first sale online!

The Perfect Offer [30 minute interview]

The $38,873.06 Perfect Offer Affiliate [30 Minute Interview]

In this private interview, you can be a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ and listen in on how one guy is making thousands of dollars every week in affiliate commissions using one perfect offer, that he didn’t even create! Discover what he’s doing and how he’s doing it so you can copy it for yourself and follow in his footsteps!

Oh… And in case you’re wondering…

Yes. Of course, there’s a money-back guarantee, even on your shipping contribution! In fact, I think this is…

The Boldest Guarantee On The Internet

I 100% guarantee that you’ll love the Perfect Offer method and the training, or I’ll return your $9.96 and let you keep everything anyway. That’s right! You don’t even have to send anything back. Just submit a ticket to my support staff or call the number on your receipt and I’ll give you back the $9.96 with no questions asked. How’s that for fair?!

This Is A Strictly Limited Offer So Claim Your Copy Now Before They Are All Gone

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, I look forward to hearing your success story very soon! Dean Holland P.S – In case you’re like me and quickly skim through pages right to the end, here’s the deal: I’m offering you my latest product and training “The Perfect Offer” for free.

This is going to show you a proven strategy to get more buyers for ANY offer online.

You could get more buyers every day for products of your own. You could get more buyers every day for affiliate offers to make you more commissions.

I’ve used this strategy to become a millionaire, as has my mentor.

We only have 1,000 copies ready to ship and they’re running out fast, once they run out, it takes time to produce more, and that’s time you could be growing your results with this training! All you need to do to get one is contribute $9.96 towards the shipping and handling costs.

You’re also getting a secret access link inside the package to join us on the Perfect Offer Masterclass where you’ll discover how to go from zero to $10,000 per month online without creating any products (even if you’re brand new!)

On top of all of that, I’m also sending you an exclusive 30-minute video interview I did with a client of mine who used one perfect offer to make $38,873.06 in affiliate commissions (and growing every day) You’ll see what he’s doing and how he’s doing it.

This is a limited offer that we’re doing to get lots of success stories of people using the method, once the copies are all gone that is it. There is no catch to this offer.

You will not be signing up for some ‘trial’ to some monthly program or anything like that. In fact, if you don’t like it I’ll return your $9.96 shipping contribution. You don’t even need to send the package back. Click here and claim your copy now. You won’t regret it.

To your continued success




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