Dean Holland publishes The Iceberg Effect to help affiliate marketers

Iceberg Effect Dean Holland releases its unbiased review of a new free book The Iceberg Effect, with a view to helping affiliate marketers. 

Internet marketing website “Iceberg Effect Dean Holland” recently published its in-depth review of Dean Holland’s The Iceberg Effect with a focus on helping affiliate marketers. The aim of “Iceberg Effect Dean Holland” is to provide the most relevant and useful information to affiliate marketers so that they can order this free book (just a small shipping and handling charge) with confidence.


While it may seem unusual to some, “Iceberg Effect Dean Holland” chooses to focus on helping new entrants to affiliate marketing or people who have tried it without success. The founder of the website has tried many courses on affiliate marketing but has found that there are always missing pieces to the puzzle. Many affiliate marketers need help and guidance to achieve their goals from an expert in the field like Dean Holland.

A positive selling point is that the book has a clear and precise, step-by-step blueprint to affiliate marketing in today’s economy. Another factor in its favour is that it focuses on having a positive mindset. All this is great because It will help newbie affiliate marketers build their business from the ground up without making the usual mistakes. It also gives them a framework and timescale in which to work which is helpful because the blueprint is realistic and achievable if marketers put in the work. The free book is also endorsed by Clickfunnels guru Russell Brunson, who praises both the book and also Dean Holland for being both ethical and successful.

The review points out that the free book is naturally only a starting point and the advice contained in it will probably not be enough to build a business without extra help, such as mentorship. It will take slightly longer to build a profitable online business if you use the advice contained in the book alone.

“Iceberg Effect Dean Holland” endeavours to go one step further in its mission to provide more value to new entrants to affiliate marketing or people who have tried it without success… One example of such specific advice is found below.

“Traditional affiliate marketing as we know it is dead in the water. In “The Iceberg Effect”, which is a free book, Dean Holland describes the “next generation of affiliate marketing”. He outlines his highly successful and revolutionary approach to building a sustainable and highly profitable Internet business as an affiliate in today’s economy.”

“Iceberg Effect Dean Holland” got its start in 2020, founded by Sally Nash. The idea for the site came about when the founder was disturbed by how many people were spending huge sums learning the basics of affiliate marketing from dubious “gurus” and wanted to alert would-be affiliate marketers to the availability of a free resource that contains very useful guidance and information from an expert Internet marketer. The idea for the site came about when the founder was duped by several expensive so-called Internet marketing courses, promising instant riches.

Ever since “Iceberg Effect Dean Holland” has strived to provide the most value and best information to new entrants to affiliate marketing or people who have tried it without success.

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