Dean Holland’s Internet Profits Partner Program

s a partner in Dean Holland’s Internet Profits program I can give you my first hand experience, anecdotes, and hopefully bust a few myths….

Dean Holland’s Internet Profits Partner Program

Step 1 – Please read this personal invitation from Dean Holland

As a partner in Dean Holland’s Internet Profits program, I can give you my first-hand experience, anecdotes, and hopefully bust a few myths….

“Internet Profits is, I believe, the fastest way to get everything you need to run a successful online business without having to create all your own products, marketing systems and sales processes.”

And, you might think this is a strange thing for me to say, but I am not trying to sell this to anyone.

If this is right for you at this time, you will know.

That was what happened to me.

The business model made total sense.

It was exactly what I was looking for.

I was prepared to make an investment ($1,997) in my future, and I was prepared to take time to learn and implement my learning.

Dean Holland is careful about who he allows becoming a Partner.

There is a screening process to ensure that only those with the right attitude and mindset to take action to achieve their goals will be accepted.

Dean discourages those who are after the next shiny object or get rich quick with no work because that is not what Internet Profits is about.

The Internet Profits Partner Program is for you if…

–  have been trying to succeed online but are not yet earning the income levels you deserve
–  are a successful marketer wanting to add other major income streams to your business

What’s included with the Internet Profits Partner Program?

In a nutshell (as I said above) you get everything you need to run a successful online business without having to create all your own products, marketing systems and sales processes.

  1. Certification When you start, you go through the certification process, where you will understand starting and growing a successful Digital Business. – the sales process – understanding your “why” and what you really want to earn, understanding traffic, and how to leverage results.
  2. Quick Start Blueprint – Depending on what YOU want to do, and will enjoy doing, this is your personalised roadmap. There is no one way fits all.  So if you have no interest in blogging you will not need to start a blog.  If you don’t want to go the paid advertising route, there are other options.  In addition to Dean’s products, there are many relevant affiliate products you can promote,  All the training you need is there, and it is constantly being updated – a bit like painting the Forth Road Bridge!
  3. Traffic Training In addition to training in free traffic methods, you will also get Traffic Training & Strategies From Industry Experts Including Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, GDN Ads, Native Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads and Even YouTube Ads Taught By An Ex-Google Employee! And there are regular updates to keep things current.

As a certified partner, you have access to all of Dean Holland’s Ultimate Funnels and Products.

You are able to offer “free plus shipping”, low-cost items, recurring income items and high ticket items.

The funnels are highly optimised and products are all provided, All you need to do as a partner is drive targeted traffic.

And there is comprehensive training and resources to enable you to do this.

You don’t actually need to sell anything.

That part is done for you, with the funnels, follow up emails, Done For You Webinar Selling Machine. Expert Phone Team

And There’s a Private Facebook Group with active support

You have a comprehensive Members’ area with recorded training, tools and support to help you succeed.

You also get live scheduled interactive training sessions two or three times a week, plus ad hoc live updates through the private, members-only, Facebook Group.

Please do contact me if you have questions before applying.

Or if you are ready to talk to Dean and his Team about becoming a Partner, complete the Partner Application Form Now.

A bit about pricing – lifetime access to be a Partner, including all the required training,  and lifetime access to promote all the current and future products is a one-off investment of $1,997.  (Or if you would like to include one year of live coaching calls 2 x a week, the package price is a one-off $2,997).

If you are new to an online business I would recommend this additional support.

You should also allow for ongoing costs for a domain name, page builder, hosting and autoresponder which you would pay directly to your chosen suppliers.

Next Steps – To recap, this is a BUSINESS,  it takes planning, work and focus.  It really is up to you.

If you are considering this business, then you need to book a no-obligation phone call with the Team.

They will run through everything you need to know and help you decide if this is for you.

To do this there is a no-quibble refundable deposit of $49.  Book your call through the link on Dean’s letter HERE

Kind Regards


p.s – if you’ve skipped to the end and missed your personal invite to partner with Dean Holland read it HERE



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