Making Money: Article Directories

Making Money: Article directories are websites that house free articles. These articles are usually published by anyone who owns the copyright as a method of promotion. Each article has the owner byline caption placed below it so that those who end up reading the article will know who wrote it. (or at least who owns it) and can get in touch or visit their website for more information.

Articles directories

Articles directories are a great place to put your articles so that they will make you money. Using this method, people interested in your product or service will see your article, see you as an expert on the subject, and visit your website. Even if you don’t know how to write or have no knowledge of the topic you are promoting (for example to run an affiliate website), you can always hire a copywriter to do the job for you.

Writing great articles will be expensive to start with, but they will pay for themselves in no time. either through affiliate sales or by selling your services and now everything will be pure profit.

Real-life example

So let’s take a real-life example. Imagine that you are an accountant who works from home. You write an article on an accounting topic and publish it in various article directories. Those who research the topic you wrote about will read your article, you will see that you have the knowledge and the skills to do a job for them and visit your website or contact you by email. Your article has just brought you a new customer who could use your services regularly, but it will definitely bring you a good profit at least once.

Plus, since you posted it on a free articles directory, more than that having affiliate accounting websites will inevitably use your article for their website. Since they need to attach your signature, it will give you even more exposure for every website that republishes your article. This is because you will benefit from the traffic that comes to their website.

There are many article directories that you can use. Your best bet is to put a copy of each of your articles on each for maximum exposure. It will eventually help to bring more traffic and customers to your website, which will lead to new orders and more profit.

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