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Hey, ED here with The Most Popular Niches On Pinterest – This is the first entry of my new ten-part Pinterest blog series. This will hopefully help make Pinterest a well-oiled money-making media platform to which you can increase leads and ultimately sales.

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Pinterest could be a precious gold mine for enterprises. The popular social media platform has millions of daily users. And like all social media sites, some niches are much more popular than others.

So, which niches are most widely used on Pinterest? Here, we’ll look at some of the niches you’ll want to consider when you’re thinking of using Pinterest for business.

Pinterest – Beauty

Beauty is one of the most competitive and lucrative niches on Pinterest, beauty can be a key resource. From beauty hacks to makeup and jewellery to skincare – lots of consumers use the site to discover new beauty trends and products.

You’ll find it easy to market your beauty business on Pinterest. The majority of users are female, making it the best social media platform for beauty businesses.

Pinterest – Home Décor

Another niche market in high demand on the platform is residence décor. For this reason, it is particularly popular for drop shippers. However, it could also be great for interior designers, decorators and home stagers.

Just some of the popular property décor search terms consist of home décor suggestions like property décor kitchen area and residence décor on a tight budget. There are a staggering 60.5 million users following the home décor niche on Pinterest.

Pinterest – Food and Recipes

Pinterest is a superb foundation for those inside the food items industry as well. Whether you bake cakes, prepare wholesome meals or focus on vegan-style products, Pinterest is a great platform for marketing yourself and your baked lovelies.

You will find approximately 31 million end users adhering to the foods niche and formula design content on the webpage. Some of the most popular searches include food recipes, food cravings, food photography and food presentation.

Pinterest – Celebrities

People love discovering more about their favourite celebrities. So, it’s unsurprising the celebrity niche is a competitive one. There are 16.5 million users following celebrity-based content on Pinterest. So, if you’re looking to focus more on celebrity gossip and becoming a celebrity influencer, it’s a good platform to utilize.

Top celebrity search trends on the site include celebrity updates, gossip, style, lifestyle and fashion.

Pinterest – Landscaping

Landscaping is a really popular niche on Pinterest. Users frequently use the platform to find inspiration for their yards. This means it can be a lucrative platform for landscape designers and those offering gardening-based products.

You will find around 27.2 million users adhering to the garden content material on the site. Just some popular search terms include landscaping ideas, landscaping with rocks and landscaping a front yard on a budget.

Pinterest – Travel

Ultimately, another popular area of interest is always to vacation. A huge 52 million users follow travel-related content on Pinterest. Most people love to travel, and the site is great for finding images of all kinds of destinations. Whether you sell vacations or you offer travel-related products, getting your business onto Pinterest could prove extremely lucrative.

Some of the leading travelling keyphrases on the webpage consist of vacation quotes, basics and locations.

This is only an extremely tiny assortment of the very well-liked niches on Pinterest. The truth is, any niche can be lucrative on the platform. So, no matter what type of business you’re running, setting up on Pinterest can be a great move.

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