We didn’t have a fair chance since the day we got started…


The affiliate marketing industry has successfully hidden a devastating secret from its unsuspecting victims for years.

A fact so dark that almost all aspiring affiliate marketers fall flat on their face and fail…

And yet…

Most People Are Completely Oblivious To It!

But don’t be too hard on yourself…

VERY few people are aware of its existence.

But today it stops.

Today I’m drawing a line in the sand

It’s time you knew the REAL problem that’s holding you back AND got the answers once and for all

First…Let’s discuss:

The Problem…

It’s called the ‘Iceberg Effect’ and right now it’s killing the chances of affiliate marketing success…

It’s a problem that has been silently creeping up without detection for several years…

And now it’s finally reached BREAKING POINT

Those lucky enough to have learned of the Iceberg Effect and how to combat it are set free to create the profitable business they desire…

Those that fail to unearth it, well, they might as well just quit right now!

So What Is The Iceberg Effect?

It’s NOT some motivational strategy.

It’s NOT a productivity hack.

It’s NOT some short term gimmick or loophole

That’s why this book isn’t about any that stuff!

And despite what some might tell you…

Lack of results is NOT down to lack of traffic!

Because no amount of traffic will help you if you don’t first uncover “The Iceberg Effect” and understand the 5 steps to combat its devastating impact…

That is exactly what my new book will show you!


Before I Reveal What’s Inside The Book There’s Something You Should Know…

Some people don’t like me.

They’ve listened to claims of push-button-riches online for so long, they’ve started to believe it’s true!

Then I come along, tell them it’s all BS and that they’ve been lied to…

Sadly,  not everyone takes the news well…

If that’s you, the “magic-bullet seeker” – help us both and walk away.

My book can’t fix a closed mind, nor will I try.

I’m the guy people come to AFTER they’ve tried all the shiny objects and they’re sick and tired of the lies…

I’m the one that welcomes you with open arms when you’re ready to learn the skills necessary to build a real, profitable internet business…

Notice I said “skills”… (Not push button garbage peddled by cheats masquerading as so-called experts!)

That’s when people seek me out…

When they are truly ready to put in the work and do what it takes.

WHAT THE!!  Did I just say “skills” and “work” in the same breath?!

If that didn’t scare you off…

Keep Reading To Discover…


Inside Your Free Copy Of The Iceberg Effect, You’ll Discover How Affiliate Marketing ACTUALLY Works Today…
(SPOILER ALERT: It’s Not How You’ve Been Told!)

“3 Men & The Great Theft!” – The shocking incident that closed my first business [page 7]

“The Success Stopping Mistake” …Most struggling affiliates make this big error starting out… What about you? [page 10]

“The 6 Words That Changed My Life” – Discover how 6 simple words took me from near-bankrupt to quitting my day job just 9 months later… Learn what they are and why they worked [page 16]

“G____ vs F____” – Which Are You And Why It Matters” – Get this wrong and it could mean years of failure! [page 22]

“The ONE THING Others Daren’t Tell You” – There’s something you need to know about (that you’re doing right now!) that others fear speaking about… Yet without it, most people never realize their goals [page 38]

“The ‘Multi-Q’ Process” – If you’re wanting to make a full time living online as an affiliate marketer here’s a process you must go through before you even touch a keyboard [page 41]

“The Revenue Calculator” – Use this highly effective exercise to create your personalised business blueprint and know EXACTLY what you need to do online [page 54]

“Get Out Of Jail Free Card” – I can’t say any more on this page… Do NOT skip this step!!!!! [page 59]

“The 4 Core Areas Of Focus” – If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed like there’s so much to learn and too much to do… STOP! It’s time to make succeeding much simpler! There’s just FOUR (yes, 4!) things you must focus on doing each day to grow your business profitably online [page 65]

“Undercover Detective Operation” – Want to get more done in 1 hour than most do in 6? You’re gonna LOVE this… and it’s so easy! [page 67]

“The Only 3 Types Of Traffic” – Discover what they are, how they work and why you should use each… PLUS: Get your hands on the ONE type of traffic that all others should point to!! [page 70]

“How To Control Traffic And Send It Anywhere On-Demand” – Never struggle to get people clicking your links ever again! [page 71]

“3 Must-Have Assets” – There’s ONE THING that every successful affiliate must have… And you’ll need these 3 assets to get it [page 75]

“The Bribe And The Bridge” – Discover the lethal tactic of super affiliates to promote any offer online with ease whilst creating trust even if no one knows who you are yet [page 79]

“The Curious Cliffhanger Method” – Use this simple tactic in your affiliate emails to get increase open rates, engagement and sales [page 83]

SWIPE!! 7 Day Automated Follow-Up Template” – YES! You can swipe and deploy this 7-day sequence template and implement immediately even if you’ve never written an email in your life! [page 84]

“Core 4 SS” – THIS right here is THE KEY to revenue [page 87]

“The DEATH Of Traditional Affiliate Marketing” – SHOCKING REVELATION THE GURUS DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW… If you’ve ever wondered why you’re not seeing the results you’d like as an affiliate prepare for a shock [page 92]

THE BIG TRAFFIC LIE!!!” – I saw it coming a few years ago and couldn’t believe nobody was talking about it… If you want a lot of traffic it’s critical you understand what’s really happening here [page 94]

“The Perfect Path To 7 Figures” – No one goes from zero to millionaire… But I did it in 3 phases and now I’m revealing all for you to follow [page 97]

“No Products, No List, No Experience?” – No Problem!! Discover how to become a pro-level “connector” and build a profitable business from scratch even if no one’s ever heard of you…PERFECT FOR NEWBIES! [page 99]

You’re Getting All That In The First 99 Pages!

And Yes! There’s More…

“The First Million Dollars” – Discover the second phase of the business plan I used to make my first 7 figures online [page 100]

“Ultimate Freedom Phase” – How to run a 7 figure business in 1 – 3 hours a day [page 102]

The Iceberg Effect Gets Discovered” – It happened without even realizing it… It’s NOT what you’re expecting! [page 106]

“The $6,000 Phone Call” – I couldn’t believe this… but what happened after, turned me into a multi-million dollar generating business [page 107]

“Confusion Killer!” – What if I told you there are only 3 ways to grow your business… Not 30, not 300… JUST 3, discover them now [page 110]

“Getting Clear On The Big Picture” – There are 2 areas to a business (F & B) that you must have and benefit from, You MUST not try with just one! [page 113]

“Do You Know These 2 Types Of Sales?” – Most affiliates have 1 of the 2… But it’s the second type that you REALLY want – All revealed on [page 120]

“How An International Flight Can Create Wealth As An Affiliate” – I hope you’re ready to hear THIS! [page 121]

“The Simple 4 Letter Word That Made Me Rich” – This right here is the most powerful word in marketing online, now it’s yours! [page 129]

“The CHEESE Incident That Changed Our Results Forever” – Sounds odd doesn’t it, but what if I told you some stinky cheese transformed my business forever and made it REALLY EASY to get sales… Want to know how to use it for yourself?  Now you can [page 131]

“The ULTIMATE FUNNEL” – In 2018 Russell Brunson told the world I’d built something that everyone should have online… A system that gets customers in REALLY easy and REALLY cheap… Now I’m dissecting the entire Ultimate Funnel strategy for you to use as an affiliate online [page 138]

“The 5 Stages Of Affiliate Success” – STOP EVERYTHING AND READ THIS… If you EVER want to grow a profitable business as an affiliate you MUST have all 5 of these, not 3, not 4… ALL FIVE! (Most struggling affiliates know about 3 of these, maybe 4 at best… but without #5 you’re in trouble! [page 141]

“How I’m Able To Get Paid 4 Figures Without Speaking To People” – This is one of my biggest (and most profitable) business secrets [page 152]

“This 1 Word Is EVERYTHING – If you focus your efforts on achieving this ONE THING it stacks the odds of success massively in your favour [page 161]

There’s So Much Value Packed Into This Quick And Easy To Read Book

So Let’s Discuss The Elephant In The Room…


I’m giving you a copy of this book for free because I’m just such a great guy… OK! OK! Whilst that’s true, is it alright with you if I just level with you and tell you my reasons? Look, I’ve been broke… Financially poor and mentally defeated. I know what it’s like to be putting in the time and the money, yet getting nowhere fast… It sucks!

BUT… Do you know what’s worse?

When You Don’t Even Know Why!

I had to write this book!  Enough is enough…  And now I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible and the best way to do that is to give it away for free…

That’s the first reason I’m giving it away.

But let me be clear, I’m running a business and I’d love nothing more than to form a long term relationship with my customers Which brings me to my second reason… It’s my belief, by helping you with this book, that you are more likely to want to do business together with me and my company in future… This book is just the beginning of what I hope to be a fruitful and profitable business relationship together for many years to come.


Did I Hear You Scream… “OVER-DELIVER DEAN!”
OK! You Got It… Here’s What Else I’ll Give You Today…


The Iceberg Effect Audio BookI almost didn’t give this away free… Everyone I spoke to told me to sell it as an additional product, honestly, I probably will soon… But you know what… The contents of this book are so critical to your online business as an affiliate that I knew I had guarantee you got it… Sooo… When you grab your Free copy of The Iceberg Effect, you’re also going to get the MP3 audio version FREE too!  The complete audiobook is read by yours truly so you’ll be able to listen along as I deliver the entire book…  Perfect for those that prefer to sit and listen to their books, rather than reading…That Means You’re Getting A Softcover Copy Of The Iceberg Effect Book AND The MP3 Audio Version, FREE! And There’s More…


The Iceberg Effect MasterclassAs a special bonus for readers of The Iceberg Effect I decided to create a brand new online Masterclass that extracts the key insights of the book.  The unreleased Masterclass is strictly for customers only and shares intimate details of my entire 8 figure business model… EVERY little detail is dissected and laid out for you to see, swipe and use! That Means You’re Getting A Softcover Copy Of The Iceberg Effect Book AND The MP3 Audio Version, AND The Online Iceberg Effect Masterclass… FREE! And There’s More…


7 Days Of Mystery Surprises! I know what it’s like…  You order a book, then you’re waiting for the mail to arrive at your door for the next few days to get it (book)…  So, I thought… “How awesome would it be if every day for the next 7 days I sent you something epic right to your email inbox?”  And that’s exactly what I’m going to do!!  Just ONE of the surprises you’ll receive in the next few days contains a secret link to something people paid $997 to access…  One of the people that saw what you will soon see just messaged me to share they made over $1,000,000 using it! You’re Getting A Softcover Copy Of The Iceberg Effect Book AND The MP3 Audio Version, AND The Online Iceberg Effect Masterclass AND 7 Days Of Surprises… ALL FREE!



My ‘Better Than Free’ Guarantee…If you don’t love this book, I’ll return your shipping fee and let you keep the book and the bonuses! Take a full 30 days to enjoy it all and if you don’t feel it was worth the $7.96 S&H, just let me know via the support desk link on your order receipt and I’ll return the $7.96 to you out of my own pocket.

Here’s A Recap Of Everything You’re Getting

  • Iceberg Effect Book……………………$19.95 VALUE
  • Audio Version Iceberg Effect……….$29.95 VALUE
  • Iceberg Effect Masterclass………….$97.00 VALUE
  • 7 Days Of Surprises…………………..$???? VALUE
  • 30 Days ‘Better Than Free’ Guarantee

That’s Over $146.90 You’re Getting!



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Grab The Book & Bonuses Click Here NOW

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